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Licensed Clinical Social Worker                       Licensed Marriage Counselor

In Morris Plains, NJ -- near the following Morris County communities:

Parsippany, NJ   Denville, NJ   Morristown, NJ   Morris Township, NJ   Randolph, NJ   Hanover, NJ


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        Thank you for visiting my website.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, and Licensed Marriage Counselor.  The psychotherapy and counseling I provide can lead to happier, fuller, and healthier lives for people struggling with social, emotional, marital, and other interpersonal problems. 

        The problems people have worked on with me include the following:

  •    Emotional Difficulties

v  Depression

v  Anxiety  

v  Anger

  •    Marital Challenges And Problems

v  Pre-marital conflict or confusion

v  Loss of love and affection

v  Husband and wife have different expectations of marriage

v  Conflict over family's lifestyle, goals, and responsibilities

v  Extramarital affair

v  Separation and divorce

v  Domestic violence

  •    Interpersonal or Social Problems

v  Loneliness or alienation

v  Bereavement, especially loss of a parent in childhood

v  Feeling unheard or uncared for

v  Chaos in relationships with friends and family

v  Trouble dealing with rigid or disorganized people

v  Interference by others in one's personal life

v  Feeling dominated or controlled by others

v  Conflict or hostility, instead of cooperation, among family members

v  Effect of neglect or abuse

v  Impact of alcoholism

  •    Life Circumstance or Stage of Life Problems

v  Anxiety about children's growing independence

v  Stress in young adulthood regarding independence and career

v  Stress due to needs of children, elderly parents, or disabled relatives

v  Demands and expectations that are overwhelming

v  Difficulty with "systems":  schools, workplace, office politics,    extended family

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Contact:      Caroline Grossmann, Ph.D., LCSW           9 Forest Dr., Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Telephone:  (973)993-9134                    e-mail:  cgrosmn@optonline.net